Van Volxem

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Champions League – Meiningers Weinwelt 03/2019

“What drives me is a look into history,” reports Roman Niewodniczanski, getting straight to the point. We meet in the landlord’s room of the venerable Van Volxem winery in Wiltingen an der Saar and get a taste of history presented to us by the landlord in the form of antiquarian writings from the historical world of wine. He is a keeper of old documents, antique cellar books and wine lists from exquisite restaurants, such as the Ritz in Paris from 1935. Old books about wine from the 19th century, antique maps from past times. He has collected stories and stories and above all testimonies of his time. Roman Niewodniczanski has built up one of the largest collections of documents on wine regions here – it makes every antiquarian jealous. He presents his collection with pride and respect. And one immediately understands what drives him. Old wine lists prove that wines from the Moselle and the Saar were more expensive in former times than great Bordeaux or Burgundy.
“If you take a look here, you will see that our Rieslings cost 8, 10 and up to 20 Goldmarks back then. Besides are
wines from Château Margaux, Romanée-Conti or Latour, which at that time cost only 2.50, 5 or 8 gold marks.”

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