History inspires us.

The original Van Volxem winery is located in the historic center of Wiltingen on the Saar. It dates back to a Roman villa complex, the fragments of which are still visible on the site today. The estate’s vineyards were originally planted by the Romans in the 3rd century, in the best slate sites of the Saar and are among the oldest steep slopes. Rediscovered in the 11th century by monks, the estate’s vineyards eventually became part of a monastery winery under the Jesuit order in the 17th century.

As a result of the French Revolution, the property was secularized and finally came into the possession of the brewer Gustav van Volxem, who had emigrated from Brussels. The visionary van Volxem recognized the potential of the privileged vineyard sites and in the following years developed it into one of the most renowned wineries in the German Empire. At the start of the 1900s, Mosel wines climbed in value, especially Saar wines. They became sought after, luxury items. Van Volxem reached its heyday, as is evidenced in many international wine lists from this period.

After four generations in the van Volxem family, Roman Niewodniczanski took over the winery in 2000. He restored and expanded it to include numerous prime vineyard sites. The team was strengthened in 2004 by the estate manager, Dominik Völk, who is also committed to enriching the history of the traditional estate. With our new winery development, we intend to build on the van Volxem traditions and past innovations.

Saar Historie

Sie hat es wahrlich verstanden, von sich reden zu machen.

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Respekt vor der Einzigartigkeit unserer Steillagen.

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Saarweine großer Lagen

Weine kennenlernen. Trinkfreude pur, schon jung herrlich zugänglich.

Work by hand

Excellence is achieved through love of detail and precision.

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“Saarweine Großer Lagen.”

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The History of the Saar

How the Saar made its reputation.

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A special place to experience our passion for wine.

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Innovation and sophisticated technology for a better future.

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