Wine style

Respect for the uniqueness of our steep slopes

“Full of excitement, profoundly immense minerals, salty, of dense texture, pure drinking pleasure!” Falstaff

Following the long tradition of Van Volxem, our wines are mostly dry – thought of as a harmonious meal companion, moderate in alcohol, ripe in acidity, dense and complex in structure. Our wines’ uniqueness is shaped by the barren, mineral-rich slate soils of our steep slopes, themselves relics of millions of years old sea deposits.

The Van Volxem style is characterized by the striving for balance and harmony in the glass. Animating wines from a unique location and with great aging potential – in the style of the famous Imperial Saar wines.

“Power, sophistication, elegance, depth without end – incredible” Sommelier Justin Leone.

They are wines that challenge in every respect: with back-breaking work in the steep slate gorges; the cellar master with the careful, loving handling of his barrels and ultimately the connoisseur appreciating the intricacies of the wine. Low stock yields, strict selection, a harvest possibly not before mid-October, spontaneous fermentation and maturity are all part of our Saar wine culture.

The result is a light alcohol content and therefore extremely digestible, mineral-rich wines, with an opulent Riesling fruit bouquet, with a clear place profile and great aging potential, in the style of the famous Saar wines from the Imperial era.


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Work by hand

Excellence is achieved through love of detail and precision.

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Saarweine großer Lagen

Get to know wines. Pure drinking pleasure, wonderfully accessible from a young age.


“Saarweine Großer Lagen.”

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The History of the Saar

How the Saar made its reputation.

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A special place to experience our passion for wine.

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