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Mosel Fine Wines – Vintage Report 2017

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“The Independent Review of Mosel Riesling” By Jean Fisch and David Rayer

Roman loves his 2017 vintage: “The wines shine through their purity and crystalline minerality. They have good physiological ripeness underpinned by quite some acidity. These are made for the long-term. What proved critical for our success was that we started our harvest early to retain elegance and freshness, and sorted all our grapes. This was necessary as not all the botrytis which came after the rains in September was of sufficient quality. In fine, we were able to harvest everything right up to BA levels. We relied on the early botrytis to make our noble-sweet selections. The harvest started on September 22 and we were already finished by mid-October, i.e. very early even by modern standards. The fact that we could work our whole harvest at our new facilities overseeing the Saar greatly facilitated our work. The only downside of the vintage are the yields: Like everybody else, we were hit by frost, which cost us half our yields. But the quality is outstanding.”

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